Friday, December 4, 2015

Pennsylvania 6, The New Meeting & Dinning Spot in Downtown Washington DC

Pennsylvania 6

Marquee for Pennsylvania 6
The Marquee reminds of the great
era in entertainment and dinning out.
When a new restaurant opens, it is a party, and we were invited to participate in one of the opening parties for this new downtown DC eatery, located in the heart of the business district right off of Franklin Square.

Pennsylvania 6 Bar
The bar is large and has lots of options and friendly bartenders.
Pennsylvania 6 at 1350 EYE (I) Street NW, is the new restaurant that opened in what was once an Italian eatery. And this new hotspot is going to be known for cotemporary cuisine, as well as handmade cocktails, a great wine selection, and a fine selection of craft beers. Pennsylvania 6 totally transformed the space, when you walk in there is no question that the lively bar will be a go to place meeting up with friends and business colleagues in DC. For those that want to sit and convene in a quiet environment, there is an elegant parlor, complete with fireplace, and seating areas for two or four, or eight, or more.

Pennsylvania 6 Parlor
The parlor is an intimate space just off the bar, great place
to meet friends and relax with a handcrafted cocktail.
Pennsylvania 6 is not just a hot new bar, or meeting place, it is a darned fine place to eat! With several large Dining rooms, as well as a VIP table for entertaining 6 or 8 guests. We expect that it will be this table, and who dines here, that you will read about in the celerity blogs and style columns. Surrounded by a wine display, and quite visible, yet removed enough, so you can see and be seen.

Pennsylvania 6 Chef, Staff and Friends
Pennsylvania 6 staff, including Chef Matt Ifkovits
 with our team member, Missy Millikan.

We were lucky enough to get a private tour of Pennsylvania 6’s kitchen with Chef Matt Ifkovitz, trained at the Culinary Institute of America, he proudly showed us around back of the house, where they prepare an eclectic culinary assortment of different dishes, not just the old fare that of steaks and chops, plenty of fresh fish and seafood options, abound as well. What was being served the night we were there was quite delicious.

Pennsylvania 6 Kitchen
A behind the scenes tour of the Pennsylvania 6 Kitchen
was a highlight of our visit. 
Owned by Public House USA which has restaurants in New York City, Philadelphia, Stamford, and two locally, at National Harbor. Pennsylvania 6 is reminiscent of a mid-20 century New York Celebrity hangout, you can just imagine looking across the bar and seeing Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and anyone from the Rat Pack enjoying one of the delicious drinks, or a glass of wine from their amazing wine selection that their sommelier has gathered. No doubt you will want to put this on your list of downtown DC spots to spend some time in this winter.  (Hint) If your party is 6 to 8 for dinner, ask to be seated at the VIP Table. No doubt you will be noted as a DC Celebrity.

Want to get a look at Pennsylvania 6?

Video of the HIP Network Opening Party 11/18/15

Open Table takes reservations online, or you can call them directly.

Pennsylvania 6

1350 Eye (I) Street, NW, Washington DC, 20005


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vanity Fair & Shinola Open the Holiday Season with a Benefit Party in Washington DC

Shinola DC Clock
Iconic Shinola Clock

Vanity Fair Party at the 

Washington DC Shinola Store 

Shinola DC Party
The Washington DC Shinola Store was decked out.
Shinola DC Goods
Shinola known for shoe polish

We were thrilled to be invited to a holiday shopping party at the Washington DC Flagship store for Shinola, @Shinola 1631 14th, NW. Shinola is a luxury goods maker and purveyor that promotes Made-In-America goods, that people want to buy, classic watches, bikes, leather goods, and more. This by-invitation only was promoted by Vanity Fair @VanityFair as an event to showcase their new DC location, recently moved from the West to the East side of the street, and more than tripled their display space to this corner of 14th and R Streets, NW, in the now hip, Logan Circle neighborhood.

While the Shinola Store and its line of luxury products are relatively new, beginning in in 2011, with the first watches produced in 2013. The brand name is one that has a long history in the leather goods industry, as Shinola produced and sold shoe polish products, mostly known from the World War II era with the colloquialism, “You don’t know shit from Shinola.” Referring to the brands shoe polish. While the original brand was no longer in business, the name was resurrected for this Detroit Michigan manufacturer.

Shinola DC Pet Goods
Dog Collars and Leash
Shinola DC Watches
Shinola Watches
Shinola Signature Watches
Shinola Stores, which are showing up in many cities, sell products made in their own workshops, primarily in Detroit Michigan. Though they do source materials from elsewhere, their focus is to make American made products, and employ workers. The most well-known products are their distinctive watches, which are becoming the “It” watch to be seen wearing. Shinola also builds bicycles in a classic American style, offers leather goods, folio’s wallets, key fobs, and Shinola Pet, a line of dog collars, leashes, and alike, all branded with their distinctive name. Recently a watch with a classic mid-20th Century design was released under the iconic name of Muhammad Ali, celebrating the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville Kentucky. The purchase price of $2,250 comes not only with the watch in a hand-crafted hickory box, prints of the athlete and membership in Shinola’s Foundry, a members only collective that offers VIP benefits to members.

Shinola has expanded to offer a limited signature line of coats and sweatshirts, as well as elegant writing journals.  Price points for their items, are higher than items sourced from off shore, their market research has shown that consumers will pay a premium for American-Made goods.

Shinola DC
Shinola's VF Partygoers shop and socialize
The Party which was promoted by Vanity Fair, as a fund raiser for the Sasha Bruce Youth house ( and was quite swank, with a guest list at the door, coat check, cocktails and passed bites. Shinloa staff were throughout the store with iPad in hand to write orders, and pack purchases for customers. VF Celebrities Michael Carl, @carlscrush, Mat Ullian, @mullian, Carol Blue Hitchens, as well as local names like Heather Podesta, @HMPodesta, Luma Hakki, and Sohelia Rostami were touted as participants. While we did not meet them, there was surely a well turned out crowd of young and upcoming Washingtonians on the scene that night.
Shinola DC
Shinola DC has a new Store on 14th St NW
in the Logan Circle neighborhood.

Having such a high-end luxury goods
Shinola DC
14th St NW is a lively friendly place
store like Shinola in the heart of the now vibrant 14th Street shopping mecca, with its restaurants, home furnishings stores, and alike is a boon for Washington DC, where just a generation before the area was in dire straits. New business and building development is bringing young professionals back to live in the city. And they are staying to raise their families. This new energy defines the Logan Circle neighborhood as more than a passing fad of a hip community, making it a place where people want to live and work. So much of DC is changing, such as the new City Center, the now lively U Street NW and H Street NE, making the city a thriving residential/commercial community that it once was known to be.  

Story and Photos by William West Hopper @wwhopper

Shinola Store - DC
1631 14th Street NW, Washington, District of Columbia US, 20009 202-470-0200