Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Review: Pagoda Style: Our Stories, Our Pictures, Our Cars.

Pagoda Style: Our Stories, Our Pictures, Our Cars.
by Michael Salemi
If you’ve ever wanted a W113 SL (230, 250,280) or if you own one already, you will want to pick up this hardcover book. It is a collection of stories from owners  all over the world!  How they came about the car, what drove them to own the car, and how they have cared for the car(s) they have owned.

The 144 page book also contains beautiful pictures that accompany each article. Photos of the cars, and the owners including orginal works of Paul Bracq, such as his Pagoda painting. Pagoda Style recently won the Silver Award from the Indpendant Publishers Book Awards!

It will be an excellent addition to your MB library, one you will want to display or give as a gift to a friend.  A limited edition print run with less than 100 copies remaining, order soon before they are all gone! 

Find out more about the book on the www.sl113.org website, as well as Facebook. If you aspire to own one of these classics or if you own one, this book is a “must have”.
Michael Salemi, past president of MBCA’s International Stars Section and a contributing editor to MBCA’s Star magazine, conceived, designed and edited the book and is now offering it for sale to the public.

The cost is $75 (US) available on Amazon, as well as directly from the author Michael Salemi          mdsalemi@sbcglobal.net.

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